During the month of Eid, we are asking our community to help empower the work of Vigilant Love & our commitment to challenging Islamophobia, xenophobia and fear-based politics that impact our communities.

Here’s an update on some of our work in 2019:

  • In January, we launched our inaugural cohort of the Solidarity Arts Fellowship, bringing together 15 Muslim American and Japanese American college students, activists, and artists for a 6-month fellowship program centered on radical relationship building, creative practice and storytelling, and solidarity as resistance. This is our pipeline to building power and healing, across generations, across communities in a time where our voices need to be heard.

  • In April, we organized a delegation to visit the Manzanar National Historic Site where we remembered the stories of 120,000+ Japanese Americans who were forcibly removed and unjustly incarcerated in concentration camps during World War II. When we bring over 100+ diverse people to remember a time of darkness in our history, we uplift the truth that “never again” is now and create space for deep solidarity across multiple communities.  

  • In May, we hosted our Bridging Communities Iftar where almost 400 people gathered together to celebrate art, break the fast and pray together, and bear witness to how multiple communities show up in solidarity with Vigilant Love against our country’s hostile Islamophobic climate & surveillance programs. 

This August, we’re asking our supporters to sustain our work by gifting Vigilant Love a minimum of $10/month and becoming an Annual Sustainer. Here are examples of how your gift will impact our work:

$10/month: direct action supplies for our vigils and rallies  

$25/month: our solidarity programming on the bus to the Manzanar pilgrimage

$50/month: retreats & workshops for the Solidarity Arts Fellowship

$100/month: venue rental & your favorite memories from our annual Bridging Communities Iftar

This is our first-ever, big ask to organize our growing community to not only engage in our actions, programs, and vigils, but to donate & empower Vigilant Love’s collective efforts! Thank you for making it possible with us.