Rino Kodama (they/them)


Rino Kodama is an Undergraduate at UCLA majoring in Art and minoring in Asian American Studies. As an artist, they use various mediums such as drawing, dancing, writing, and creating wearable art as a means of processing and healing, but are more recently turning more into a creative collaborator to support the visions of those they believe in. They strive to create images of the future they seek-- one free of oppressive systems that allows collective healing.

Solidarity Arts Fellowship Reflections

“Throughout the fellowship, I learned about the ways the histories and present of Muslim Americans and Japanese Americans are intertwined and how ultimately creating close relationships open up space for more understanding to continue building. Over the past six months, I grew into becoming more vulnerable, more open to lending a hand as well as receiving support, and it became apparent that taking care of my own mental and emotional health is vital to be present in community actions. I've learned and seen the possibilities of building radical relationships, and how creating communities with intention is key for lasting, mutual support. I learn everyday from these relationships.”