Kahlil Kochiyama (he/him)


Kahlil is a recent UCSB graduate who is excited to begin making an impact through social and environmental justice. As a 5th generation Japanese American, he looks to use his understanding of the importance of striving for solidarity amongst marginalized communities, in all his future work.

Solidarity Arts Fellowship Reflections

”Through this amazing opportunity of taking part in this fellowship, I’ve learned that making meaningful and genuine friendships and connections, is amongst the first steps towards building solidarity. Though discussions and workshops, I’ve been able to learn about various ways islamophobia can manifest. By learning about the struggles of other communities, I’m better able to unlock realizations about my own family’s history, and find deeper connections to others. Through VL, I’ve been able to obtain practices, ideas, and relationships, that I can carry with me and strengthen my work as I build off of the momentum they’ve helped me create.”