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VigilantLOVE Vigil & Healing Space

  • Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (map)

We invite our VL community to join us for a vigil and healing space next Friday, March 22 from 7-9 PM at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center Plaza.

We know that the impacts of white supremacy and Islamophobia are felt personally & globally, and we hold all those who have lost their lives in the New Zealand attacks in our hearts today.

We know that the impacts of this tragedy will justify increased surveillance and targeting of our communities (especially Muslim, black, poc) under the banner of "countering violent extremism" (CVE) and shutting down "radicalization". We know that there will be those who will try to convince us that these policies will also address white supremacy - but ultimately, we know - this will only hurt us.

Please remain vigilant and connected with your love and solidarity for each other - about our fight to challenge white supremacist violence, as well as our duty to collectively care for each other, as we navigate these troubling times.

Our vigil and healing space will serve as an opportunity for our Muslim community to gather, process and engage in healing practices. We will also share what actions can be taken with regards to the likely impact on dangerous Countering Violent Extremism policies for those impacted.

All allies are welcome with the intention to engage in opportunities to support, take action to resist Islamophobia and the likely impact of increased state surveillance.

If you are interested in supporting this action as part of a community safety and healing team, please email us at Prior experience is desired but not necessary. Stay updated about the event logistics and program on our facebook event page found here.